Cloud Storage

Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud provides organizations with powerful document scanning capabilities that connect Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs) to popular cloud services and email. Scan a document using the touch screen on your MFP, and the ConnectKey Share to Cloud solution converts the file and distributes it to a selected cloud service. 

Key Features

  • Connects to the most popular cloud services, including Evernote, SharePoint Online, Dropbox,, and Office 365
  • Single-Sign On (SSO) available with supported application, such as Xerox Workplace Suite

Document Conversion

  • Converts scanned documents into fully editable word processing documents, spreadsheets, and searchable PDFs
  • Performs OCR in the cloud, eliminating the need to install additional server technology


Xerox Easy Translator Service

Xerox Easy Translator offers comprehensive language translation services by utilizing state-of-the-art technology: from instant machine translation of your hardcopy documents to professional human translation services for your digital files. Our service utilizes Xerox Devices built on Xerox ConnectKey Technology to provide draft translation of your hardcopy documents. Receive an email and/or printout of your translated document.


CapturePoint is a cloud service that enables users to securely scan and convert documents into their preferred format. It is a solution that reduces the manual effort of transcribing hard copy documents, eliminates errors and substantially reduces the time required for scanning. From small businesses to large corporations across all industries, customers are subscribing to the CapturePoint service as a productivity tool to allow anyone in the office to easily convert scanned document into editable digital content from the Xerox ConnectKey device..


SignMe TM

SignMe™ allows all printed documents requiring signature or editing to first appear on the touchscreen of any Xerox VersaLink or AltaLink device. Once the desired document listed on the touchscreen is selected, the document displays. The user can scroll through, make notes and sign the document on the touchscreen.


The revolutionary SellMe™ technology provides a simple design tool which allows one person to update and pushout new document options to all Xerox devices in real-time, straight from their PC.

ConnectKey Apps FAQs

  1. What is an Connectkey App?
ConnectKey Apps are small, installable software applications designed for Xerox ConnectKey enabled MFPs.
  1. How secure are ConnectKey Apps?
ConnectKey Apps are digitally signed to assure their authenticity. The use of unauthorized apps is controlled by requiring admin authentication to install apps on your MFP.
  1. Do I need IT to manage ConnectKey Apps?
ConnectKey Apps are designed to be very simple. If your machine is functional on the network, you should not need special IT help.
  1. Is an account needed to install a ConnectKey App?
It is possible to create, customize, and install both non-licensable and licensable apps, but our in-house professionals can do it.