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Need consistent, high-quality output from your printing equipment? Green Office Partner has solutions fit for businesses with high volume and high standards.

Collaborative Discovery for Production Print

Looking to handle production print in-house? Or are you looking to upgrade your current production print infrastructure? 

The discovery process is our way of understanding your production print environment, identifying any inefficiencies in your workflow. We look at factors like costs, speed, types of machines, and locations of devices, among others. Our goal is that by the end of the assessment, you will have a thorough understanding of how your print fleet affects your bottom line.

We create a customized and focused service experience for each of our production clients, and we start by learning your goals. Here are the most common objectives our clients have for initiating a production print assessment:

Print Assessment__Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Optimize your fleet and make printing easier and faster for your office.

Print Assessment__Decrease Cost

Control Costs

Eliminate unncessary expenses with a production fleet designed to meet your specific needs.

Print Assessment__Go Green

Go Green

Reduce your office's carbon footprint with responsible paper usage.

Faster Service Calls

Faster Service Calls

Streamline support processes by working directly with your dedicated print vendor.

How Our Discovery Process Works

Once we’ve established your goals for your production print operations, we’ll begin our assessment of your fleet. We’ll review our entire process step by step.


We’ll send our production print specialists to perform an in-person assessment of your machines. examining which devices need to be replaced, which can stay, and opportunities to add new equipment or solutions to improve your office’s workflow.


Using our data collection agent (DCA), we’ll observe your print environment for a few weeks, watching the ebbs and flows of your volume. We’ll also coordinate with key members of your organization to give us the full picture of your production environment - we’ll discover how to meet the needs of your entire organization.

Presentation of Findings

Based on all of our research, we’ll create a presentation of our findings to your leadership team. We’ll shed light on where your print currently is, where you want to be, and how we intend to get you there. We’ll present you with a total cost of ownership (TCO), which will show any increases to your costs, as well as any savings we can provide.

Onboarding and Installation

Once all parties have agreed to move forward and contracts have been signed, we’ll begin scheduling delivery dates. Our in-house team will handle the installation of new equipment and software. We’ll also provide training for your team so that by the time we leave, your team will be able to use every nice device to the best of their abilities.

Service and Support

Installation is only the beginning of your partnership with Green Office Partner. We provide you with hands-on service and support for every device under our contract. And thanks to our partnership with Xerox, we can dispatch badged technicians to your site within 4-24 hours of a support ticket, regardless of where in the US or Canada your device is located.

Solutions for Production Print

Companies using production print have very specific needs. After decades of experience working with production-level print clients, we’ve identified key areas to focus on.

Large Volume Printing
Large Volume Printing

Print on a commercial scale without compromising the quality of output.

Large Volume Printing

With advanced printing technologies and high-speed equipment, our selection of large-volume print devices can handle thousands to millions of prints per year. into cost savings for their clients. 

Whatever your specific needs are, our fleet can cater to clients from all industries looking for easy-to-implement, enterprise-level printing equipment.

Product_Large Volume Print

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Marketing Collateral
Marketing Collateral

Create high-quality booklets, pamphlets, and other forms of collateral that can be shared with your clients and business partners.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is the tangible representation of a brand's identity and messaging. From business cards and brochures to banners and flyers, marketing collateral encompasses a wide range of printed materials designed to engage and inform target audiences.

Production-level printing equipment and services play a crucial role in bringing these collateral pieces to life, offering the capability to produce high volumes of prints with exceptional quality and consistency. Production equipment will allow you to meet your marketing goals with high-volume prints of collateral without compromising on quality.

Product_Marketing Collateral

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Color Consistency
Color Consistency

Print your brand’s colors accurately and consistently across every print, including gold, silver, clear, and colors beyond the CMYK spectrum.

Color Consistency

Color consistency is a hallmark of professional-grade printing services, ensuring that every print maintains accurate colors across various materials and production runs.

In production-level printing, achieving consistent color reproduction is essential for preserving brand identity and delivering high-quality results that meet clients' expectations. Advanced color management techniques, calibrated equipment, and meticulous attention to detail enable production-level printers to maintain color accuracy from the initial proofing stage to the final print output.

Product_Color Consistency

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Substrate Flexibility
Substrate Flexibility

Share your company’s message on paper, glass, wood, plastic, fabric, or another material of choice. Get creative with it!

Substrate Flexibility

For many businesses that print on a production level, the ability to print on a diverse range of materials is crucial.

From traditional paper stocks to specialty substrates like vinyl, fabric, and metal, production-level printers can print on a wide array of surfaces, catering to the unique needs and creative visions of their clients.

Whether it's producing eye-catching signage, durable outdoor banners, or innovative packaging solutions, substrate flexibility empowers businesses to explore new possibilities and elevate their branding efforts.

Product_Substrate Flexibility

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Equipment for Production Print

Our service and solutions are 0nly as good as the devices and equipment we offer to support it. Thanks to our relationship with Xerox, we’re able to offer some of the best production printers on the market.

XEROX PrimeLink B9100/B9110/B9125/B9136 Copier/Printer

XEROX PrimeLink B9100/B9110/B9125/B9136

up to 150 ppm
up to 1M pages/month
C9065-C9070. printer-1

XEROX PrimeLink C9065/C9070

up to 75 ppm
up to 60k pages/month
nuvera 3-1

XEROX Nuvera EA / MX Production Systems

up to 150 ppm
up to 1M pages/month
Versant 280


up to 80 ppm
up to 80k pages/month
Versant 4100

XEROX Versant 4100 Press

up to 100 ppm
up to 250k pages/month


up to 120 ppm
up to 475k pages/month


up to 150 ppm
up to 1M pages/month

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