Please fill in the Move Form below to move your printer equipment to a different location. Once the form is complete, you will receive an email or call to go over the cost and move details.

Move Form:

Important Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete the move, once this "Move Form” is submitted.

Pick-Up Information

Green Office Partner

Todd Gallagher

Our customer service mission is to develop loyal customers for Green Office Partner by meeting and exceeding expectations. We will achieve our mission by providing timely and professional service at each and every customer contact.

                                                                       - Todd Gallagher, CEO, Green Office Partner

Move FAQ

  1. Why is a professional copier mover needed?
  • Not to cancel copier warranty
  • Have Insurance during the move
  • To properly disassemble and assemble the copier to assure move safety
  1. Why is up to three weeks needed to get something moved?
  • Availability of copier movers for the required period
  • Client availability for pickup and delivery
  • Transit time
  1. What problems will arise if a copier move is not coordinated with Green Office Partner?
  • The copier will not be monitored for tonner usage
  • Supplies will be shipped to the wrong location
  • Technicians will be sent to the wrong location
  • Copier will be billed under the wrong location causing additional costs
  • Copier will disable itself if not correctly configured and communicating
  1. What will happen when a request is made for Green Office Partner to make a move?
  • The qualified and insured movers will be assigned to the move
  • Green Office Partner will handle the coordination between the client and movers to get the copier operational and reporting as soon as possible
  • Green Office Partner database will be updated; hence the correct copier monitoring, billing, shipment and dispatch will occur

Contact Information:    

Phone: (877) 467-5999