Green Office Partner is proud to partner with Relyco for our customers' custom print needs. We offer best of breed manufacturing solutions and this partnership with Relyco further extends value to our customers allowing them access to high-quality paper solutions.  Relyco has been a pioneer in the specialty paper industry for almost 30 years offering solutions for every department in a company.


Custom business printing solutions can be built to fulfill any business printing or payment need. Using Xerox printers, Relyco products offer a variety of printable solutions.  

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Using Xerox printers, Relyco education products offer a variety of printable materials. From private grade schools to prestigious universities, schools are using these Relyco specialty media to communicate with parents, identify students and staff, and build team spirit.

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Healthcare professionals count on security, safety and accuracy every day. Using Xerox printersRelyco products offer a variety of printable security paper for medical prescriptions or other privacy related documents. These laboratory approved label stock and printable waterproof paper holds up to extremes in temperature and even sterilization. 

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State and local governments using Xerox printers, count on Relyco products for the forms and equipment to process payments, notifications and registrations.

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Print Shops

Print shop owners tell us that key factors for success are “short run” and “on demand” printing services. Using Xerox printers, Relyco products offer a wide range of stock products for traditional print shop forms, as well as digitally approved media for personalized promotions and campaigns.

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Busy, fast-paced restaurants might not be your first thought for specialty paper. But, in reality, in order to have a successful restaurant, you need to have paper that can hold up in a hectic and often messy environment. With the constant spills and messes that go along with food and drink, durable paper is essential to extend the life of printed products...

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If you’re not giving much consideration to the paper products at your business, you may want to reconsider. In the competitive hospitality industry, a new customer’s first impression can be the difference between gaining a new loyal customer or receiving a damaging online review...

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Grocery Store

Using Xerox printers, Relyco has the solution for you. With thousands of eyes scanning displays, products, signage and more, customers value a clean and pleasant feel with their grocery shopping experience. From local corner stores, to country-wide supermarkets, the grocery store industry is taking advantage of Relyco’s durable, easy-to-print labels, do-it-yourself loyalty cards, vibrant indoor and outdoor signage, eye-catching shelf wobblers, and more.   

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Using Xerox printers, Relyco products are created with the intent to make our customer’s lives easier and more efficient. With products that allow for in-house printing, we can leverage our customers desire to be in control of our quality products, allowing for even more innovative product uses to be discovered. Such as personalized customer appreciation campaigns, eye-catching POP displays, and stock and custom integrated forms to streamline business processes.

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Mail Houses & Direct Mail

Relyco products, using Xerox printers give you the flexibility to process single piece mailings as well as multi piece inserts. Relyco can provide the form/envelope outer shell, the equipment to recognize and process variable direct mail pieces at a high rate of speed, and a variety of specialty media to get your message opened and read.

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When you have the right tools, your Xerox laser printer can be the workhorse of your business, and financial services organizations and departments −from banks and credit unions to insurance companies, payroll organizations to accounts payable and receivable departments − benefit when they leverage their laser printer in innovative new ways. 

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Using Xerox printers, Relyco products meet the needs of manufacturers throughout the business: payroll processing for the front office; signage for safety and process manuals on the production floor; labels and printable carbonless for packing and shipping; and integrated forms that combine information, marketing messaging and client service all in one document.

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