The MFP Home Screen Slide Show allows you to easily upload and display a customizable slideshow on the front panel display of your Xerox devices. This solution is perfect for offices, education and general communication purposes. By downloading the PowerPoint Template from the Green Office Partner Website, our support team can create, upload and manage your informational slideshow of up to 10 slides. Slides are perfectly formatted to fit the Xerox displays.

Business Challenge

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Businesses need a mechanism to communicate necessary information to employees where it can be easily seen and updated.

Why invest in the MFP Home Screen Slide Show?

  • The copier display is a unique medium that is seen by most employees. Making for a communication opportunity and an attentive audience.
  • Perfect for internal communications, announcements, training and employee events and customer promotions and programs.
  • The workforce is becoming increasingly diverse; there is not a one size fits all method of communication. Imagine a slide show with content in multiple languages and across multiple departments.
  • Simplicity is key. The MFP provides a low-cost, simple solution to communicate targeted content to employees and users.

  • Slides can be mirrored on large displays and on different devices.
  • Allowing custom messages by department or location.

Upload Your Images Here

Upload Your Images Here
Once enrolled into the program, you can submit your images by downloading the MFP Home Screen PowerPoint Template here and then uploading your saved template below:
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