Solutions for Finance

Green Office Partner manages print devices for financial firms across the United States and Canada. We are the premier choice for printing and document management services across all states and provinces.

Our Services for Finance

Between managed print services, document workflow optimization, and other supplementary solutions, Green Office Partner offers an array of resources to support your print device fleet. Whether you run a bank, accounting firm, wealth management organization, credit union, or any other business in the financial sector, we are committed to building hand-tailored solutions to meet your needs. Here's what we offer:


Managed Print Services

Let us actively manage your national print fleet so your team can spend more time on building wealth and less time on paper jams.

Document Management

Document Management

Optimize your document workflow with solutions designed to make data organization as secure as possible.

Digital Documents

Document Routing

Automate and digitize your information routing, making the access of contracts and financial documents effortless for your team.

Multi-Location Strategies for Finance

Multi-Location Strategies

Coordinate your team's print workflow between offices across the country, creating standards to implement company-wide.

Print Challenges for Finance

We've highlighted some of the most common challenges members of the construction industry face, and how Green Office Partner helps you conquer each.

Time and Cost Savings__End User Productivity

End-user Productivity


• Optimize the printer fleet of
hundreds of financial firm locations
to support the sales team, administrators, and investors.
• Reduce cost and complexity of
supplies management.
• Reduce printer-related calls to
the IT helpdesk.
• Document, track, and manage records for every account in your system.

Time and Cost Savings__Flexibility _ Scalability

Flexibility & Scaling


• Replacement of mixed printer fleet
with Xerox® A3 and A4 devices from
Xerox to Green Office Partner.
• Automated monitoring of printers:
meter readings, toner levels and
fault codes.
• Created customized website to
handle Xerox MFP ordering +
moves/adds/changes from
hundreds of firms
• Implemented cost recovery
software to bill printing to clients.

Time and Cost Savings__Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction


• Reduced print costs by a significant percentage.
• Reduced managing multiple suppliers to one point of contact for the company's entire printer fleet.
• Implemented a proactive delivery
of toner supplies and service
dispatch to every office.
• Implemented cost recovery
software to bill printing to clients,
generating potentially hundreds of thousands in savings per year.

Our Print Assessments for Finance

The print assessment is our way of deconstructing your print inventory, discovering what works and what doesn't. We look at factors like costs, efficiency, types of machines, locations of devices, and much, much more. Our goal is that by the end of the assessment, you will have a thorough understanding of how your print fleet affects your bottom line.

We create a customized and focused managed print service experience for each of our clients, and we start by learning what your goals are. Here are the most common objectives our clients have for initiating a print assessment:

Print Assessment__Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Optimize your fleet and make printing easier and faster for your office.

Print Assessment__Decrease Cost

Control Costs

Manage your spending on equipment maintenance, consumable purchases and infrastructure costs.

Print Assessment__Go Green

Go Green

Reduce your office's carbon footprint with responsible paper usage.

Print Assessment__Unburden IT Staff

Unburden IT Staff

Relieve your IT staff from troubleshooting print-related issues, allowing them to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Our Solutions for Finance

Document Security

Document Security

Protect sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands. Green Office Partner offers flexible, top shelf security protocols.


Digital Documents

Leave the file cabinets behind. Green Office Partner will help you digitize information. Doing so will make document retrieval faster and more secure.


Fax Solutions

Digital fax solutions for your organization that will convert and send documents quickly and securely from any PC or Mobile device to any fax machine.


Multifunction Printer Apps

Apps allow your office's staff to fully customize and optimize your devices to allow quick access to important documents with a simple touch.

Compliance Measures

Compliance Measures

Our technology will help your advisors and administrators stay compliant with rules and regulations, regardless of location.

icon_vertical imaging

Variable Data Management

Green Office Partner can help you create effective communications with your customers by personalizing your marketing media.

Our Net Promoter Score is 100% and We Won't Stop There.

This score serves as a reflection of our customer's satisfaction with our services and their willingness to recommend us to their peers. We're proud to see this score climbing each year, and we'll work to keep that trend going!


System Up-Time


Client Retention

Clients who work with Green Office Partner will receive:

Partner Benefits__Comprehensive
A Comprehensive Print Audit of Entire Print Fleet
Roadmap to Print Efficiency and Streamlined Workflow
Partner Benefits__Reduce
Proactive Print Monitoring to Reduce Usage
Partner Benefits__Review
Ongoing Business Reviews to keep Fleet Optimized
An Account Agent Backed By Nationwide Resources

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