Are Documents Pile Ups Slowing You Down? 

Affordable, easy-to-use and reliable, Document Management Software can quickly transform your dealership into a highly efficient, virtually paperless organization. 


How is Document Management Unique?

  • Anywhere, anytime document access
  • Granular document security
  • Full feature document editing
  • User Initiated Document Workflows

Where is Document Management Used? 

  • Vehical Deal Jackets
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Warranty Acceptance
  • User Initiated Document Workflows

1465940468_quote-round.svgCustomer Testimony 

Document Management is an excellent value and is extremely easy to learn and use. I can train anyone to scan documents and index them into GlobalSearch in just a few minutes. The decision to invest in GlobalSearch was a "no-brainer" 

- Richard Grant, Service Director, Carrera Motors

How Will Document Management Deliver 

Deal jacket scanning for automated filing, with the use of barcode recognition
With streamlined document routing, GlobalSearch accelerates the Accounts Payable process
By streamlining business processess and providing fast, dealership-wide, access to documents
Through the ability to easily search and locate customer information in seconds

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