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    Our 3 Step Approach:


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Assess Costs, Standardize Fleet & Implement Managed Print Services

5 Year savings (Healthcare)

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Connect and share with providers down the street or across the nation—efficiently and securely.

"For example, a mid-sized urgent care provider in Dallas, Texas found that the Healthcare MFP not only saved the time it takes to transfer patient information, but also time it took to redo forms due to inputting errors – with a census of 500 patients, that adds up to considerable time saved. The Healthcare MFP provides a secure digital exchange workflow solution that is both intuitive and familiar, making actionable clinical information available more quickly to the care community, resulting in better patient outcomes."

- Tracey Koziol, SVP, Office and Solutions Business Group, Xerox



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The Xerox® Healthcare MFP is tightly integrated with the largest and most secure health information network in the United States. Connect to gain access to over a million providers.




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Your new access allows you to search for providers down the street or across the nation. Broaden the network by inviting non-participating providers to join in the movement, and begin sharing their patient information, electronically and securely using Kno2.



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Once connected, seamlessly share patient information across a HIPAA-compliant network to better coordinate care. It’s nearly as simple as sending or receiving a fax or email, but specifically designed for healthcare.

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An easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for sharing patient information

Take 5 - Five minutes to learn the basics of the Xerox Healthcare MFP.

Kno2 Feature Overview

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Simplify and optimize workflows with Xerox' amazing apps! 

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In addition to direct messaging, here are our clients top 10 favorites... 

  1. Use your voice to control the Xerox machine.  Certainly this will be a highlight of the tour to show the patient and their family that they can make a copy of their family photo by simply using their voice!
  2. Print brochures, intake forms, floor plans, housekeeping checklists, and medical forms from any machine!
  3. Staff and guests can securely print from their phone of tablets!  
  4. Increase sales by translating all of your documentation to the patients native  language… in seconds!
  5. Convert paper into a Word/Excel document that can now be edited!
  6. Scanning to your email or a group of people literally in a click of a button! 
  7. Control color & usage by employee!
  8. Submit  maintenance request right from the machine!
  9. Streamline the HR onboarding process of new employees right at the MFP!
  10. Scanning 50 invoices into theiir accounting system right at the Xerox!

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