"We can focus more on IT issues, user needs and application solutions now that Green Office Partner has reduced our costs and is managing our printer fleet."

Paul Fedel, Divisional IT Director, Fletcher Jones

"I was so frustrated with our printer situation. Too many printers, all different, different toners, and getting them repaired was a nightmare. Enter Green Office Partner with a solution I have loved and I have forgotten that I even own printers."

Jason Parke, COO, Art of Modern Dentistry

"The beautiful thing about having Green Office Partner is: I don't run out of toner, and the printers are always working and I don't have to worry about a solution by sitting on hold for IT because we don't have an onsite IT department.

Imran Jivani, Front Office Manager - Thompson Chicago

"I used to have an IT guy running around all the time fixing printers and calling in service techs who would maybe show up and maybe not show up. That just doesn't happen anymore. I can't remember the last time I had a printer in the office that didn't work, it's just a non-issue."

Jason Scher, Chief Operating Officer, Vosges

How Managed Print Services Can Help Your Business

Chicago based managed print services company Green Office Partner helps clients reduce their carbon footprint by more efficiently using printing toner

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Recycling toner cartridges, paper and printers diverts millions of cubic feet of material from landfills

Chicago based managed print services company Green Office Partner helps its clients reduce its printing expenses

Reduce Expenses

By outsourcing printer fleet management, you can reduce the high cost of IT's involvement with your companies printers

Chicago based managed print services company helps its client boost productivity by having the right devices in the right locations at the right time

Boost Productivity

Having the right materials and devices, in the right locations, at the right time, eliminates delays in producing needed documents

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