Automate the routing and approval of your documents to boost productivity with enhanced quality and consistency.  We will enable you to build dynamic workflows using sophisticated logic.

  • Automated Routing: Build automated workflows to print, store and index data and documents electronically.
  • Performance and Status: Easy-to-manage workflow dashboards provide a process to track and monitor documents as they route through the approval process.
  • Smart Approval Forms: Develop custom forms that cumulate information and initiate the document approval process.
  • Mobile Access: Using mobile devices, your employees will be able to capture data and information.
  • Easy to Create Workflow Builder: Create and train your team in the process of creating specialized workflows utilizing a simple, easy to use, drag and drop interface.

Square 9 Global Capture

Easily capture, classify and validate high volumes of documents, including paper, PDF, email messages and their attachments. No matter how documents enter your organization, Capture Automation transforms them into usable data that drives improved decision-making and business outcomes.

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  • Capture Essentials: Designed for organizations looking to introduce document capture automation with or without a document management system. Documents can be released to your Windows file system, SharePoint®, OneDrive®, etc.
  • Integration With Your MFP: With direct access from the Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) touch panel, GlobalCapture simplifies your workflows and allows your multifunction device to become the starting point for document automation.
  • Save Time with Forms Learning: Train GlobalCapture to automatically recognize your document formats and apply the correct data extraction rules. With its easy-to-use wizard-driven designer, anyone can create new forms, without the support of IT or an administrator.
  • Transform paper form processes: Stop collecting information on paper and start creating quick and easy custom web forms, through a highly intuitive drag and drop platform. Eliminate human error, missing information and speed up data collection.


Umango is a batch scanning application that delivers speed and efficiency in scanning, naming, indexing, and storing documents.

It provides the ability to scan documents from Multifunction Printers, scanners, or imported from network folders. Once captured, the data will be processed using OCR, barcodes, or keywords. Documents are quickly indexed, named, stored, and ready for future retrieval. 

Umango can even create a Directory Tree based on document index values.


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  • Extract Data: Provides batch scanning for any size organization who needs to scan, index, and store documents quickly and easily.
  • Convert Formats: Provides automated conversion of a wide range of file formats into a unified file name and file format without requiring user intervention.
  • At the MFP: Select your job, scan your documents, extract the document data and profile the document details all at the copier level. Fast, easy and efficient!

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