Let us help you map out existing process steps to discover and understand pain-points, high-light areas of opportunity and help you find better ways to work. It is part our service, and is no cost to you.

Transforming the Workplace

Helping you expose workplace inefficiencies and transforming them to cost effective solutions

Document Workflow Optimization

By assessing current workflows that expose inefficiencies, businesses can reduce cost by integrating new technology solutions. In turn, improving overall quality, productivity and processing time of day-to-day operations.


The three most common areas of inefficiencies for a business are:

  1. Manual Data Entry and Reporting
  2. Inaccurate Data
  3. Lack of Communication


A research study by Powering Productivity for Business Online found that workplace inefficiency is a core management concern for many businesses. The study suggests that 44% of senior management feel the primary cause of wasted time during the workday is inefficient processes. Followed by an overload of paperwork (43%) and meetings (41%). The study shows that employees and customers are the most likely to be affected by these inefficiencies.

Workflow Mapping Tool

We will help you uncover opportunities for a smarter workplace

  • Capture and map business process steps
  • Discover pain-points such as bottlenecks, delays and more
  • Compare current state with more efficient workflow examples
  • Show potential cost savings using the ROI calculator

Case Study

Xerox® Connect App for Remark® Test Grading Workflow Optimization Assessment


Print and grade tests automatically

Connect to Gravic’s powerful Remark Test Grading Service from your MFP to print bubble tests for your class. Scan completed answer sheets for instant results and report summaries. Faster grading means faster feedback for your students.

Additional Case Studies with our Solution Tools

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