Has Managing Paperwork Become Taxing on Productivity? 

Affordable, easy-to-use and reliable, Document Management Software can quickly transform any government agency into an efficient, virtually paperless, organization. 


How is Document Management Unique?

  • Supports easy adoption for all users
  • Advanced technology platform
  • Streamlined administration 
  • Value driven price point

Where is Document Management Used? 

  • Police Reports  
  • Tax Information  
  • Court Records 
  • Voting Records   

1465940468_quote-round.svgCustomer Testimony 

I estimate that document management has saved me 15 hours each week that I can now devote to other town business, which equates to a more than 35% gain in my personal productivity. 

- Susan Griggs, Centerville Town Clerk, Town of Centerville   

How Will Document Management Fulfill The Needs & Requirements of Your Agency? 

Quick and easy search allows immediate response to public inquiries.
Save time and frusturation managing documents. 
Automate the routing of internal records.
Eliminate paper based filing systems.

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