Why Your School Should Go Paperless

Alec Slovenec

Jun 23, 2023 10:00:00 AM

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It’s no secret. Schools print a lot of paper! In fact, by many accounts, education is the #1 consumer of printed pages of any other industry.


In fact, it’s not even close. A 2019 study from Toner Buzz estimates that a school prints an average of 360,000 pages per year. (The runner-up is law firms, printing a measly average of 60,000 pages per year.)


But so much of what schools print is obsolete, costing institutions more money and headaches than it’s worth.


Having to handle paperwork and documents for thousands and thousands of students, faculty, and staff\ requires a large fleet of printers and copiers that will continuously run throughout the day or week.


With such a heavy reliance on printing, every institution owes it to themselves to take a hard look in the mirror and consider which areas of their fleet they can save money on.


Green Office Partner is dedicated to optimizing print fleets so that you only print what you have to. We work with educational institutions throughout the country, including many of the fine institutions in our hometown of Chicago, helping them reduce printing costs and go paperless. We’ll help you save money, time, and trees!


This article will review the advantages of converting your school’s process to sleek, paperless solutions.


How Managed Print Can Help Educational Institutions

Increasing printing costs, paper wastage, energy consumption, and continuous use of supplies are ebbing away at the revenue of different schools and institutions, and these figures are getting more visible. 


Professional print assessment companies can step in and show you how to optimize your print infrastructure and utilize your machines smartly. 


Managed print services (MPS) vendors can handle all your machine and document management, giving you room to focus on genuinely elevating the level of education and experience your school can provide its students.


These professional service providers can alleviate all these problem areas for you by using their state-of-the-art equipment, individual assessments, and customized processes. Some of the aspects that make document management unique and easy to use are:

  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Faculty can rely on easy-to-use software and devices for all their printing and document usage and needs
  • Increased Visibility: Management can see the map of their entire print infrastructure, so printers and copiers will be located easily. The information about each machine will be easily accessible and can be referred to at any time to see which machines are in use, need paper, lack ink, etc.
  • Smooth Workflow: Better management and utilization of machines will lead to smoother document workflow and fewer bottlenecks.
  • Reduced Cost and Wastage: Along with keeping printers and copiers in check, consumables, paper usage, energy costs, and carbon footprint will be handled as well.

These are some of the most time-consuming and tiring areas to keep track of when piles of documents continuously come in, especially during enrollment season and the start of new semesters. 


When you have a trusted and reliable managed print services provider to deal with these, your school, college, or institution can be transformed into an efficient establishment in no time.


What Does Paperless Look like in Schools?

With managed print services, the possibilities are endless.


MPS software and systems also deliver efficiency within your school district through the following:


  • Hall of Famers: Create robust student portfolios through scanned or imported projects
  • Paperwork On-The-Go: Quickly access report cards and transcripts, even when out of the office
  • Combined Systems: Integrate with PowerSchool, EschoolPlus, and other student information systems that bring together school systems from different zones and areas.
  • Paperless Processes: ‘Connect’ different campuses together and eliminate paper-based filing and provide fast, district-wide access to student records.

Green Office Partner and Taking Your School’s Printing to the Next Level

With the proper implementation of the above-mentioned technological solutions, Green Office Partner will increase efficiency in your school, staff, and student productivity and make it more environmentally friendly. 


As such, management and other departments will be able to concentrate their time on strategic matters and develop their educational system more. 


Also, the school will be able to enjoy better revenues and profits with the removal of all hidden costs concerning improper and unutilized use of printers and copiers.


If you’d like more about how, with MPS services, we can help your school overhaul your print workflow, click here to contact us for a no-cost print assessment.

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