Does Your Company Really Need Managed Print Services?

Alec Slovenec

Jun 1, 2023 11:08:15 AM

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Managed print services have drastically improved office budgets across a plethora of industries. 


It’s hard to believe that managed print services (MPS) were just a concept a short decade ago! 


In today’s busy world, with industries relying on a secure document workflow more than ever, the need for MPS has become clearly evident.


But despite the obvious value of MPS, there is a stunning lack of awareness of managed print services outside our industry.


To remedy this blind spot, our team at Green Office Partner wants to shed light on the importance of the MPS industry.


In this article, we will review some of the primary benefits of managed print services and how it can help your business improve your budget and efficiency.


Who Benefits from Managed Print Services?

From cost savings all the way through to increased productivity, efficient operations, environmental benefits, and many other advantages, MPS has become an essential service as part of your company’s IT needs.


Many businesses may still be wondering if they will be able to enjoy the benefits of managed print services. Is it right for them? 


For businesses wondering if MPS is right for them, consider the following questions:


How Much Does Your Office Rely on Print Devices?

If you have a number of printers, plus fax machines, copiers, and other print devices in your office, and use these devices on a daily basis, then MPS will be sure to offer benefits. 


In a typical medium-sized company, printers, fax machines, and copiers are found not only throughout each department but also in various managers’ offices. 


When one considers that each of these devices churns out a great volume of prints, the need for managed print services becomes more apparent. 


Management of the company’s printing practices will help to prevent waste and save money across the board while also ensuring that printers, fax machines, and copiers are running at their best.


Who Currently Has Time to Manage Your Print?

Chances are not likely that your company employs someone on a full-time basis to manage print devices. In most companies, this role is instead left to the IT department, office manager, or admin manager. 


Most of the people responsible for dealing with your print fleet have minimal experience and understanding of print devices. 


However, an outsourced MPS provider has all the skills that come from extensive work with printers, fax machines, and copiers. Rather than shoehorning an unfortunate IT technician to manage your devices, hand all print-related tasks off to experts in the field.


Outsourcing these services ensures that your staff member that previously dealt with troubleshooting copiers can instead focus on their primary job roles, increasing productivity substantially.


How Do You Practice Accountability? 

Medium to large-sized companies often have multiple departments, with very little way to monitor the printing done across each department. 


Industries that rely on accountability, such as the financial sector, non-profit organizations, and government departments need to ensure that printing is fully controlled in order to meet stakeholders’ policies. 


Other industries, such as marketing, public relations, and other agencies need to bill clients for printing and calls, which once again requires a high level of accountability through managed print services, such as print and fax audits.


What Are Your Goals for Sustainability?

Another aspect of MPS is the environmental factor. Are you trying to make your office greener?


Companies who wish to lower their carbon footprint and make a commitment to more sustainable and environmentally friendly print practices can enjoy the eco benefits of green printing practices.


Managed print services can help your business reduce waste, educate employees on print practices, and generally help to reduce paper usage in your office. MPS can even help you make many processes paperless.


This side of managed print services helps to address the huge waste that comes from poor printing practices and is essential for all companies who wish to print responsibly. 


Green Office Partner and Meeting Your Needs

Green Office Partner offers green managed print solutions for businesses large and small. 


Our goal is to help your business grow and achieve success through increasing your accountability and printing responsibly. We want to take the burden of print off of your hands, so your team can focus on bigger-ticket projects.


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