Making the Most of Digitization

‘Digitization’ and ‘digital transformation’ have certainly become buzzwords. But the fact of the matter is that every organization can benefit from faster processes, better collaboration and more effective security.

manual versus digital

This kind of workflow transformation might sound daunting, but in reality, it’s incredibly valuable.

We’ve seen organizations do some powerful things with smarter paper-to-digital workflows.

1. $1.1M in annual savings6

2. 50% fewer office print devices to support6

3. 30% drop in printed pages, eliminating >4M pages per year6

4. A faster turnaround for distribution of new print jobs from three weeks to three days

Most important, this kind of transformation is practical too. The inefficiencies, waste and security issues are clear to see, and worth solving. Plus, the technology and expertise to make the right changes are well-established.

digital printing

Your offices may never become fully paperless. But with the right approach and technology, you can lower your costs, increase your visibility and control over document processes, and get deeper, more reliable insights into how productive your organization really is.

Buzzwords aside, that’s the kind of transformation every business needs to be empowered, liberated and seamlessly connected.

We’re Here to Help

Businesses thrive when people, processes and technology come together. So, let us help you make that happen.

After a simple assessment or consultation, our Managed Print Services can give you a head start in switching from paper to digital workflows, with added insights and support whenever you need it.

Sound good?

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