8 Steps for Choosing the Right MPS Partner

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How do you determine your office needs?

The right MPS partner makes all the difference.

Managed print services (MPS) promise big savings, not simply by cutting down on the number of documents you print but also by reducing the total time your IT departments spends on printing issues.

Getting the full value of your investment means working with a partner who, along with knowing the ins and outs of MPS, will take the time to understand your business and identify opportunities to streamline document processes.

1. Success starts with analysis.

MPS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Ask potential MPS partners how they size up your needs. Do they have analytical tools to tell you how much time and money you’re spending to print, scan and manage documents?

See how Xerox Authorized Business Partners use analysis to identify opportunities for saving time and money.

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2. Does the provider have a proven track record?

Does the provider have experience delivering MPS solutions? What do previous clients have to say about their experience working with the provider? Did they deliver as promised?

Read why Xerox is a leader in MPS.

3. Can the provider improve document workflow?

Businesses today rely on both hard copy and digital documents. Depending on the workflow, digital documents need to be printed, hard copy documents need to be digitized, and sometimes both. Find out how well a potential managed print services partner can integrate digital and hard copy processes so that information flows smoothly, predictably and efficiently through your organization.

 4. Ask about integration. 

Will a proposed solution integrate with your current IT infrastructure? How much of your existing investment will it leverage? Will it let you connect seamlessly to the cloud applications you use? Will it make mobile printing easy?

View how one university used MPS to empower mobile computing.

5. Will MPS grow with you?

This is a big investment.

Can a potential MPS partner meet your needs for the next six months? The next year? How easily and quickly can you change or upgrade? And how much will it cost?

Take this opportunity to future-proof your investment.

6. A little paranoia is a good thing 

More than 50,000 new security threats emerge worldwide each day, and a growing number of them are targeted at printers and multifunction printers. Ask how MPS will thwart them. Ask whether the plan includes embedded hardware security solutions from best-in-class sources such as Intel Security (formerly McAfee).

Read how Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology protects MPS.

7. It’s not easy being green.

Sustainable printing goes beyond two-sided printing. Ask how MPS can use cloud services such as Dropbox or Microsoft Office 365 to reduce printing. How energy efficient is the technology? Are recycling and waste reduction part of the managed print service?

Learn how one city reduced its environmental footprint through print governance.


8. Metrics matter, but only if they’re meaningful.

At day’s end, you want assurance that your MPS investment was— and continues to be—worthwhile. What analytics, reporting or client dashboards do they provide? Require that every proposal include easy-to-use tools for analyzing cost savings and performance.

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