Welcome to the Sunrise Senior Living Website... 6 reasons you will smile!

  • Ensure that our employees are fully trained on the printers & MFPs (multi-function printers).
  • Streamline the onboarding & training of new employees with a series of short "how to" videos and user guides.
  • Standardize our equipment strategy to standardize our fleet on machines to maximize productivity at the lowest cost.
  • Single resource for submitting maintenance requests, order recycling box ... but no need to worry about the toner cartridges because they will be automatically shipped! 
  • Leverage the HIPPA certified technology to send patient data via direct messaging  - no more fax!
  • Protect our environment with a greener approach to printing.  For every tree "printed" (8,333 pages), Healthcare Partners will re-plant a tree in conjunction with a global program to fight deforestation. 

Sunrise Assisted Living Printing Guidelines:

  • COLOR - Sunrise Assisted Living staff is requested to only print color on customer facing documents. Color printing is monitored per employee.
  • DOUBLE SIDED (DUPLEX) PRINTING - Sunrise Assisted Living staff is requested to print double sided documents when possible.
  • PAPER - Sunrise Assisted Living staff is requested to use inexpensive copy paper for internal use.
  • CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS & AND DESTRUCTION - To protect our clients' confidential information as well as compliance with various industry regulations, Sunrise Assisted Living employees must use the secure print feature when printing to ensure document security.  All unwanted documents must be inserted in the document destructon box immediately.
  • NEW EQUIPMENT - To standardize equipment, Sunrise Assisted Living is offering 4 different models. See below.

Introducing the "Sunrise Senior Living Workplace Assistant!"

  • Xerox has basically combined a copier, printer,  computer into a single device which will be customized just like your iPhone to meet the needs of every department at every location! 

Sunrise image.png

In addition to direct messaging, here are our favorite 10 ideas that we will roll out...

  1. Use your voice to control the Xerox machine.  Certainly this will be a highlight of the tour to show the patient and their family that they can make a copy of their family photo by simply using their voice!
  2. Print brochures, intake forms, floor plans, housekeeping checklists, and medical forms from any machine!
  3. Staff and guests can securely print from their phone of tablets!  
  4. Increase sales by translating all of your documentation to the patients native  language… in seconds!
  5. Convert paper into a Word/Excel document that can now be edited!
  6. Scanning to your email or a group of people literally in a click of a button! 
  7. Control color & usage by employee!
  8. Submit  maintenance request right from the machine!
  9. Streamline the HR onboarding process of new employees right at the MFP!
  10. Scanning 50 invoices into their accounting system right at the Xerox!

100% of Sunrise's Approved Xerox Healthcare Printers will be connected to the Surescript's Direct Messaging Network to request and share patient information! (Enterprise vs. Desktop Cost = $314/mo. vs. $63/mo.) 

Enterprise Healthcare Color MFP

Enterprise Healthcare Black MFP

Desktop Healthcare Color MFP

Desktop Healthcare Black MFP

Additional Resources

An easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for sharing patient information

Take 5 - Five minutes to learn the basics of the Xerox Healthcare MFP.

Kno2 Feature Overview

Green Healthcare Partner Service FAQ


My goal is to be Sunrise Assited Living's consistent support contact to resolve issues quickly so you can stay focused on your customers

- Iris Nieves, Customer Support Representative, Green Healthcare Partner - Sunrise Assisted Living Printer Operations

How do I get more training?
What is your response time?
Do you offer proactive service?
Typical Equipment Problems & Solutions
Typical Network Related Problems and Solutions

FYI - The average HIPPA Violation is $1.2 million!

Watch the following video about how old printers can get hacked into.

Read the following article from Xerox - Xerox Launches Multifunction Printer Designed for Smaller Healthcare Providers

Xerox MFP for Healthcare

Sunrise employees can contact us at 877-467-5999, fill out the form below, or simply contact is through the Support App on the Xerox!

If you are in need of maintenance, toner, recycling boxes, or just want to send us a question or suggestion, please use the form attached. Or feel free to call us at 877-467-5999 or 312-399-5299 on the weekends.   We are here to help you!

We are standing by to assist Sunrise Assisted Living employees with any questions!    877-467-5999. 

Weekend hours call 312-399-5299