Isn't eliminating the stress with MPS enough?

top managed print services Chicago The answer is, "of course not", but stress relief is a benefit that Managed Print Services offers. Green Office Partner has numerous customers who have stated in testimonial videos (see below for verification) that before contracting with Green Office Partner, they would stay awake at night worrying about their printer fleet.

Their business is so dependent upon the ability to print consistently and at will, that is just one print goes down or runs out of toner, the entire business is affected.
One client said, "We can focus more on IT issues, user needs and application solutions now that Green Office Partner has reduced our costs and is managing our printer fleet."  Another said, "I was so frustrated with our printer situation. Too many printers, all different, different toners, and getting them repaired was a nightmare. Enter Green Office Partner with a solution I have loved and I have forgotten that I even own printers."
Shouldn't your focus remain on your core business instead of being distracted by a printer malfunction? Wouldn't it be a major income hiccup if after building and assembling your finished product the last thing to do is to print out a packing list and your print is out of ink? And what's worse is the UPS will be there in less than 30-minutes.
MPS not only saves you money, it makes your personal life a little bit less stressful as well. Of course you could do everything yourself, spend more money than you should, learn how to fix 20 different printers in the process (always an alternative career to fall back on so you've got that going for you), and stay up at night praying the printers work tomorrow because you have a multi-million dollar presentation that needs to be updated at the last minute. Talk about stress.
If you have been avoiding MPS because you thought it was an acronym for multiple personality syndrome, fear no more. It's time to wave goodbye to sleepless nights and 4:45 pm runs to the nearest office supply store. Relax.. take is easy. Let Green Office Partner carry the load and remove the weight off your shoulders. Call us today at 312-399-5299.

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