Get Professional Print Assessments to Reduce Company Costs

Posted by Admin on Aug 6, 2019 10:17:54 AM

Profit and loss charts are used by business leaders and managers to assess their company’s performances. However, many times, printer costs are overlooked since leaders and managers are unaware of how these numbers genuinely affect their bottom line. To address this issue, professional Xerox print office assessment services in Chicago, like Green Office Partner, are there to provide a clear picture of immediate problem areas to increase productivity and revenues for different companies and industries.

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There are several costs associated with print infrastructures that do not usually appear when businesses analyze profits and loss, and many are not aware of how to better manage and optimize their fleet. Therefore, top managed print service companies in Chicago, such as Green Office Partner will step in to uncover all the hidden costs that are slowly eating up those margins. Some of the critical components that come along a print assessment are the following:

  • Print fleet inventory: the managed print services provider must understand the current infrastructure to accurately map and position equipment to increase workflow and streamline processes
  • Analyze device data: data is collected to identify usage patterns for different equipment and uncover actual usage to pinpoint utilization levels for each device
  • Cost of device ownership: there are direct and indirect costs involved that will be identified to compare against usage/utilization, capacity, cost of maintenance, supplies, and service
  • Workflow evaluation and optimization: proper placement of printers and mapping out their usage patterns will show how information flows throughout an organization and discover inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Environmental impact: reducing carbon footprint will be a tangential result as an office streamlines processes and better manages paper usage, excess and waste
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Green Office Partner conducts professional print assessments with powerful tools that allow you to breakdown your usage and utilization per device, brand or model, and cost per page. The assessment process will identify areas that will benefit from improvement and reveal ways to increase efficiency, reduce print cost, and streamline document workflow.

To give an example, some expenses that can arise from an assessment are:

  • Costs of printer supplies and other consumables that are just lying around in office cabinets
  • Time and manpower to manage and liaise with different vendors and suppliers
  • Scheduling numerous processes of supplies and services
  • IT teams pulled to maintain printers instead of doing more strategic initiatives
  • Maintenance and repair cost of each equipment especially when not fully utilized

With a professional managing, the above, company leaders and managers can focus on strategic business growth and dealings and enjoy seeing increased productivity from teams, while they will deal with your printer fleet and paper usage. Through these processes, Green Office Partner’s effective print assessments will be able to transform your business entirely.

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